France has something for everyone

With its spectacular rural scenery, delectable food, and world-class wines, it's no surprise France is such a well-loved holiday destination. The country's diverse landscapes, from the winding Rhone to the rocky shores of Corsica, make it an unrivalled holiday destination, with so many reasons to keep returning year after year.

Much like neighbouring Italy, it's a great holiday spot for anyone looking for a quintessential European holiday. You'll find plenty of beautiful places to visit, whether you're looking for an adventure or to simply relax.

There are cities jam-packed with culture, like Paris whose museums and galleries need no introduction. Venture into the countryside and you'll discover enchanting provincial towns with cobbled streets lined with historic buildings, dramatic valleys and peaceful vineyards in the grounds of majestic chateaux. Discover the beauty of the Alps, with a rail journey to remember. Don't forget the glitz and glamour of the Mediterranean - the Cote d'Azur attracts visitors from all over the world who want a spot of sun.

Our collection of exclusive trips to some of the prettiest locations in France will show you the best that the country has to offer. Some of these delightful getaways allow you to soak up the wonders of France in the company of some expert celebrity guests, who'll host unique events along the way.

In case you're not already persuaded, here are five reasons why France is always high on our list of dream destinations.

The history

France has a fascinating history and is home to many monuments and battlefields which show the great sacrifices and loss of life during the Second World War, and are testament to the important role France played in the conflict. One important chapter of Second World War history which can be retracted on the Beaches of Northern France is the story of the D-Day landings and the bitter fighting that followed. This was a defining episode of the war which you can delve into on our trips to Normandy.

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The delicious food

Anyone looking to book a foodie holiday will certainly consider France, a country famous for its food. From warm, crusty baguettes to hearty Boeuf Bourguignon and fresher-than-fresh seafood, there's so much to discover here for those who love to eat. Bordeaux is the viticulture capital of France, famous for deliciously full-bodied red wine, complemented by mouthwatering dishes rooted in tradition. You can discover this lovely region on a foodie cruise in the company of a renowned chef. Visit the UNESCO-listed citadel in Blaye, the catacombs of Saint-Émilion, Libourne's Gothic church and cycle through the vineyards of Sauterne.

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Tranquil rivers

France has several magnificent rivers running through it. There is, of course, the famous Seine, which runs through Paris and has been the backdrop for many a romantic moment - both real and fictional. The Rhone is another of France's major rivers, and winds through one of the country's greatest wine-growing regions. One of the best ways to explore the beautiful banks of France's rivers is on a river cruise. Cruise through Bordeaux and the Medoc vineyards in the company of chef Monica Galetti. You can choose to sail the Rhône and Saône rivers or the Garonne and Dordogne in style, so search your next cruise here.

Stylish port towns

St Tropez, Cannes, Antibes - these are names that conjure images of glistening waters, tree-lined boulevards, and gleaming yachts docked in harbours lined with glamorous cafes. France is home to some of the Mediterranean's most glitzy port towns, where thos seeking a stylish getaway flock to sock in the sun. A cruise is a fantastic way to see the region, taking in both the French and Italian Rivieras, where you'll get to watch mega-yachts.

The excellent wine

France is one of the world's most renowned producers of wine, with a history of viniculture stretching back centuries. Here you'll find vineyards who've been bringing Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne to our tables for generations. Bordeaux is the wine capital of France, famous for deliciously full-bodied red wine, complemented by fabulous foods rooted in tradition. On a wine tour, you'll visit several vineyards and wine estates, participate in tastings, and learn about winemaking. Visit the Château d'Agassac, a 13th-century castle & 42-hectare vineyard, and soak in the ambience as live musicians perform classical masterpieces.

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